Boxer Van Introducing the Boxer Van

Peugeot Boxer Van

For any business, finding a commercial vehicle that is flexible and which can rise to any challenge is essential. With the latest Peugeot Boxer Van, and its various iterations, the solution to these day-to-day requirements will be met in full. Efficient, economical, and comfortable, you can rest assured a great driving experience every time.


Discover the new Peugeot Boxer Van Choosing the right model for your business needs is essential, which is why the Boxer Van represents such a wise choice. As well as S and Professional versions, new Grip and Asphalt editions are welcome models, offering additional support should you need to tackle uneven ground or spend long hours behind the wheel on motorway journeys.
Road friendly It may seem like a small inclusion, but the addition of lumbar support and a driver’s armrest will prove invaluable should you spend many hours on the road. These, alongside USB sockets for charging your phone and air conditioning for hot summer days, will help you stay comfortable and connected throughout your working life.
Flexible loadspace Up to eight different load volume options are available in the new Peugeot Boxer Van, ranging from 8-17m3. With a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 tonnes, you can be confident that there is no need that cannot be fulfilled. And, with sliding side doors and a wide opening rear, accessing the load area is as easy as can be.
Innovative features The driver’s cabin in the new Peugeot Boxer Van has been designed to provide you with all the latest technology to make driving fun and engaging. Bluetooth connectivity, for example, lets you connect to your smartphone in order to stream media and manage your communications when out on the go.